Gold continues its recovery...
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Moving Higher

Last week I told you that gold had delivered a buy signal the likes of which we hadn’t seen in 17 years. 

Gold’s advanced strongly — and yet another of our recommended stocks has multiplied in price — since I delivered that alert last week.

Here’s an important update on what’s going on....

Dear Fellow Investor,

Last week I told you that the “large speculators” tracked by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission had just gone net short on gold for the first time since December 2001.

Why was this so important?

Because from that starting point in late 2001 gold took off on the greatest bull market in its history...during which we rode multiple junior mining stocks to gains measured in hundreds, even thousands of percent.

Absolute fortunes were made during that spectacular run. And if past form held true, the fact that speculator sentiment had gotten so extremely negative once again was marking the beginning of another historic bull run.

Update: Gold Continues To Gain Ground

I’m writing you now to report that gold is on track to validate our hopes. The metal is up strongly since my report last week. In fact, on Friday it jumped over $20 after Fed Chair Powell delivered a speech that was considered mildly dovish.

At some point over the weeks just ahead, investors will realize that the Fed’s rate hikes are likely to end at some point next year.

And gold will begin to truly soar.

In the meantime, we’re already reaping huge gains from some of our junior gold exploration stocks as summertime drill results begin to come in.

That said, the first big winner for us this month was Northern Empire Resources, which announced a buy-out offer early in August. It didn’t announce drill results, but the take-over offer gave us a quick 70% gain from our initial recommendation.

Then came great drill results from Aben Resources, another company I’d urged our Gold Newsletter readers to buy in our August issue. That stock quickly doubled in price on the news.

Two weeks, two huge winners. And in last week’s Golden Opportunities, I predicted that our winning streak was about to continue:

“Now another one of our recommended stocks is about to release news on its high-potential exploration ground in the fabled Red Lake district.

“I’ve just sent an urgent Alert to my readers recommending them to buy it now...before these results come in.

“I fully expect this gold exploration stock to be our next big winner.”

That was a bold call, for sure. But it paid off in spades: The very next day, the company I was talking about — Great Bear Resources — announced stupendous, high-grade gold intersections in its drill program.

The result? The stock nearly quadrupled in price.

What You Need To Do Now

So far, so good. Gold is rebounding, our exploration stocks are delivering outstanding results, and the odds are increasing that we’ve begun another long-term bull run.

What does this mean to you?

It means you need to make sure you’re well-positioned in gold, silver and top-quality mining plays.

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Here’s Even Better News...

Once again, it looks like gold is beginning its expected rebound...and perhaps another historic bull run like the one that yielded fortunes at the beginning of this century.

This is the kind of opportunity that we only see a few times in our investing careers, and we can’t let it pass us by.

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