Why do past attendees of the New Orleans Investment Conference keep coming back, year after year? In a word: results.

Attendees consistently turn the few days they spend with our line-up of top-flight investment experts into big-time profits. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what past attendees have to say about the Conference...

“The greatest investment show on earth.”
Money Magazine
“An investment bazaar, with shoppers sorting through ideas and products alike.”
“Networking, evaluating prospects, meeting new people and established friends, keeping an open mind to new ideas and concepts, generally enjoying New Orleans ”
“I've been attending the NOIC every year for almost 15 years. I've come to think of my attendance as an annual Fall ritual. NOIC is a consistently well-run immersion experience that provides a wealth of information - especially in the natural resources area - for the person willing to absorb it. The Conference also has an impressive record of hosting high-profile national and international guests as headline speakers who offer stimulating, educative commentary on current economic and political affairs. ”
Jim Puckett
“As a small investor this conference is available to me simply because it introduces me to companies and management teams that I would never have the resources or ability to contact otherwise.”
Craig Coryell
“It opens your mind to the whole world! The conference helps you push your RESET button! You leave refreshed and reenergised!”
Joni H. Stutzman
“I have attended many investment conferences and this one is the “best” – high quality speakers and exhibitors and the hotel arrangement for meetings, etc.  was excellent! And you can’t beat New Orleans!…”
“Excellent source for investing ideas. I tend to TRUST the quality of the featured companies.”
David Russell
"The assemblage of critical thinkers and informed successful insiders makes it uniquely informative and relevant."
“I read financial newsletters, Investors Business Daily and many websites all year long.  The New Orleans Investment Conference is the ONLY place I get information I otherwise would not get!”
Bill Bartosh
"Gets me thinking - Focuses me to go back home and relook at, retool investments - Use it to force me to do a yearly update of financial plan…"


"The breadth of information is hard to beat. It's great to be able to speak face-to-face with companies and researchers and to network with other investors."
Mel Triay IV


"The 2017 New Orleans Investment Conference offered the investor a wide range of investment possibilities from precious metals to real estate to agriculture to technology in a congenial atmosphere of meeting like minded investors. "
Rob Turner
"Access to high quality speakers and their views and opinions is priceless. It takes me weeks to analyze my notes and decide whom to invest with as there are so many to chose from. I think it's fun!"
"Huge inside track on up and coming small stocks"
Douglas Fernbacher
“Great conference and some opposing views for balance. A leg up on all of the homework I already do.”
Bill Cameron
“Best well organized, 3 day conference I have attended… It sharpens and broadens my range of investment ideas and focuses me on areas I have overlooked.”
Christine Fulop
"Smartest crowd I ever saw and perhaps the most successful…"
Joe Pryor
"I really appreciate the effort and quality of this conference. Hope I can attend next year."
Juan Mascarenhas
“The best comprehensive collection of information, and speakers across multiple asset classes, global economics and geopolitical interests.”
Andrew Curry
“I thought it was a great conference. Gave me a more global view of the world and investing. Every day was packed with world class thought leaders. You’ll learn stuff here they’ll never teach you in school or hear on the nightly news.”
Carl Mcknight
"I found this conference a perfect place to begin my learning. Amazing speakers, presenters and exhibitors provide a rich banquet to pick and choose from. Well done!"
“You have an excellent faculty of speakers – highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable.”
Herb Stiles
"I'm exposed to investment concepts that I don't get anywhere else in the financial world. "
Federico Lertora
“At the New Orleans Conference, you get invaluable investment advice and mingle with like-minded people.”
Jessica Dupree
“My experience has been money spent attending this conference provides superior returns on future investments.”
David Mole
"Provides alternative points of view; current trends; exposure to new companies; insight on investment strategies."
Nancy O'Toole
"The N.O. Conference gets us, in one place, a total update on the economic, currency, political and investment situation."
“It's a great conference with important information and entertaining and knowledgable speakers.”
Sean Smith
"It helps by providing information on investment opportunities not found anywhere else."
“Probably the best well-rounded conference on all forms of investing."
George W. Holbert
"It was very beneficial to me to concentrate on investing for 4 days with no distractions and with the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of experts."
Marcia Paul
"It helps you to keep perspective — to hear other ideas and forecasts."
"I like the integrity of this conference and its speakers."
“Provides lots of good info in a short time. Good Economics and Politics speakers. You always have companies I am interested in.”
Keith Herrell
“I think the conference is perfect for people who are looking for investment ideas or opportunities that most mainstream financial advisors don’t even know about or just don’t tell you about. Incredible place to meet people who have made it through the minefield and are willing to help you do the same. I loved it.”
Michael J. Mauren
"I depend on it for my annual immersed reality check and fine-tuning."
William Lilliquist
"My 1st NOIC, but definitely will not be the last!"
Diane Speedling
"Never a dull moment and very enlightening and inspiring!"
"NO Conference brings together thinkers, who are often ahead of the next wave in ideas, and their suggestions are provocative and useful for investing"
"Provides an opportunity to getaway and focus on the big picture in a relaxed environment"
Richard Tobin
"Great State of the Union of the economy with specific strategies for navigating the coming fiscal obstacles."
Chris Rush
"I enjoy the presentations of and associations of like-minded people, who enjoy benefitting from alternative investments. I also appreciate the reports on political and economic conditions as they relate to investments."
"Stimulates the mind in meeting diverse people of many viewpoints, both speakers and attendees. Will try to convince friends to attend next year…"
Rob Turner
"I get in-depth research that I can't do on my own."
Stanley Fox
"The right people at the right time for current and future economic conditions."
Floyd L. Wiseman
"The conference was very insightful – I learned a wealth of information on global economies and especially the mining/exploration sector…"
"The most bang for your buck. I attend lots of great conferences, but this is my favorite…"
Robert Tyburski
"A terrific cross-section of topics for speakers and exhibitors from an excellent array of resource companies…"
"It is always a great opportunity to get a sense of where and in what to invest profitably."
"Information is power… Very pleased with the conference and speaker content!!! Thanks to everybody…"
Tony McEwen
"I found new and exciting opportunities to invest in that I would not have found if I hadn't attended this conference…"
Kenneth Long
"I am an investment professional and have attended more investment conferences than I can count. The New Orleans Conference is unique in its ability to attract and showcase the most influential world-class experts in the fields of economics, politics and resources. Well done!"
"Astute, sophisticated, intelligent speakers, exhibitors and attendees…"
"Its program was awesome! The best faculty selection was my experience, excellent conference!"
Susan McKey
"You always have outstanding and interesting speakers…"
"The speaker lineup is unparalleled at any other show."
Mark Blythe
"The educational and informative content gives me the necessary global view and, thus, a focus for my investments. These conferences have given me a sound financial knowledge base and the ability to invest wisely."
Laura Hilf
"The New Orleans Investment Conference is by far the best conference in the U.S."
John Eren
"Its program was awesome! The best faculty selection was my experience, excellent conference!"
Fred Kilbourne
"An outstanding event — Well presented and well attended!"
Dan A. Craddock
"I got a wonderful analysis and understanding of the economic downturn and strategy to protect my wealth and liberty."
"An excellent gathering of speakers and information. I strongly recommend this Conference to anyone who wishes to learn and grow, as well as make money."
J. Morgan
"An opportunity to talk to the top investment analysts and advisors that really care about the outcome of the recommendations they give you."
Jerry Morse