Jennifer Shaigec

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Jennifer Shaigec


Jennifer began her professional career in 1998 as an analyst on TC Energy’s Calgary trading floor. After taking a hiatus to focus on raising her three children, she returned to the workforce and established herself as a successful junior mining stock speculator. Jennifer serves as the Principal of Sandpiper Trading, a family fund focused exclusively on small-cap resource equities that has consistently generated impressive returns since its inception.

A passionate advocate for responsible development & investment in the natural resource sector, Jennifer is widely recognized by her social media handle “Jenny Many Dots”. She has garnered a substantial following for her distinctive insights and perspectives, particularly on prioritizing successful management teams over assets. A regular contributor to media platforms like CommonStock, Jennifer’s expertise and engaging style have made her a sought-after moderator for industry executives on Twitter spaces.

Leveraging her extensive social media reach, Jennifer raises awareness about critical issues such as supply chain challenges and declining enrollment in post-secondary extractive industry programs. Her commitment to these causes highlights her dedication to the sustainable development and future of the natural resource sector.

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