2020 New Orleans Investment Club


General Session Speeches

Lyn Alden
“Navigating The Long Term Debt Cycle”

Ross Beaty
“My 50 Years In Gold And Silver Mining. Why I Love Gold And Silver Today More Than Ever”

Jim Bianco
“Macro Outlook – What are the Risks?”

Peter Boockvar
“Inflation Is A Comin’”

Brian Bosse
“Six Quarters Out: Gold And Silver Forecast”

Sean Brodrick
“Top Picks To Ride The Raging Bulls In Gold & Silver”

Doug Casey
“What Happens Next…”

Tucker Carlson
“Today’s Political Landscape”

Adrian Day
“Thanks To The Fed, Gold Is The Winner”

Danielle DiMartino Booth
“The Greater Abdication”

Dominic Frisby
“The Future Of Work, Tax And Money”

Mickey Fulp
“Let’s Make Money In Gold & Juniors! Q4 2020 To Q1 2021”

Avi Gilburt
“Will Gold Continue To Melt Up?”

Nick Hodge
“Unreserved Gold Gains Ahead”

Jim Iuorio
“Hedging Dollar Risk”

Brent Johnson
“Dollars & Gold In A Relative Fiat World”

Byron King
“America’s Leadership Class Is Awful… Which Means You Must Up Your Game”

Robert Kiyosaki
“Altruism Vs Greed. Which Is Better?”

Mike Larson
“Money Flood 2021: Causes, Consequences, And Profit Opportunities”

Brien Lundin
“The Big Picture For Gold”

Joe Mazumdar
“State Of The State In The Gold Market: Big And Small”

Stephen Moore
“The Economy And The Election – What Will A Biden Or Trump Win Mean For Stocks And Jobs”

Ned Naylor Leyland
“Going Well In 2020, But Does The Wider Market Care Yet?”

Jan Nieuwenhuijs
Heading Towards a New Monetary System That Incorporates Gold

Peak Prosperity
“The Importance Of Being Resilient”

Chris Powell
“Gold Market Manipulation Update”

Gwen Preston
“Gold & Silver: Why They’re Running And What You Should Do About It”

The Real Estate Guys
“The New Realities Of Real Estate In COVID-19 World”

Jim Rickards
“The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers In A Post-Pandemic World”

Rick Rule
“Two Bull Markets, Pay Me Now, Then Pay Me Later”

Peter Schiff
“The Fed’s Goal For Higher Inflation Will Sink The Dollar”

Mark Skousen
“Who Has 20-20 Vision Of The New Twenties? My Favorite Ways To Profit In Technology And Gold”

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle
“A Golden Decade Ahead?!”

Lobo Tiggre
“The Election, The Next Market Crash, And Monetary Metals”

Conference Panels

All Star Gold Panel
MC – Michael McCrae, Brien Lundin, Ronald-Peter Stoferle, Ned Naylor Leyland, and Jan Nieuwenhuijs

Booms, Busts & Bubbles Panel
MC – Albert Lu, Jim Bianco, Jim Iuorio, Peter Schiff, Grant Williams

Closing Panel
MC – Robert Helms, Doug Casey, Adrian Day, Brien Lundin, Grant Williams

Economy Panel
MC – Adrian Day, Lyn Alden, Tavi Costa, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Jim Rickards

Mining Share Panel
MC – Rick Rule, Brent Cook, Nick Hodge, Brien Lundin, Gwen Preston

Pandemics, Politics, Protests & Money Printing: What’s Next?
MC – Russell Gray, Dave Collum, Dominic Frisby, Chris Martenson, Adam Taggart

Political Panel
MC – Gary Alexander, Doug Casey, Stephen Moore, Tucker Carlson

Precious Metals Panel
MC – Thom Calandra, Omar Ayales, Brian Bosse, Rich Checkan, Matt Geiger, Dana Samuelson

Conference Transcript: Click Here

Speaker Workshops:

Sean Brodrick
“Junior Miners With Giant Potential”

Nick Hodge & Gerardo Del Real
“A Bizarro New Orleans Breakout Session”

Mike Larson
“Money Flood 2021! Windfall Profit Strategies For A World Gone Mad”

The Real Estate Guys
“How to Protect Your Real Estate Equity from Recession, Depression, or Currency Collapse”

Rick Rule
“Private Placement Markets Are Changing. Investors’ Tactics Must Change, Too”

Peter Schiff
“Euro Pacific Investor Workshop with Peter Schiff”

Lobo Tiggre
“Opportunities for Contrarians Now”

Company Presentations

Allegiant Gold
“Investor Presentation”

American Gold Exchange Inc.
“Gold And Silver Markets In October 2020”

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
“Avino Silver & Gold Mines Corporate Presentation Featuring An Update On Coral Gold Resources And Silver Wolf Exploration”

Barksdale Resources
“Advanced Stage Precious And Base Metal Exploration In Arizona And Mexico”

Benchmark Metals Inc.
“Advancing It’s Gold-Silver Project To Production”

“Western Canada’s Highest Grade Undeveloped Orebody + District Scale Discovery Potential = Focus On Growth”

Electric Royalties
“Royalty Financing The Electric Revolution”

Equinox Gold
“The Premier Americas Gold Producer”

Erdene Resource Development Corp.
“Developing A New High-Grade Gold District — The Khundii Gold Project”

First Mining Gold
“First Mining Gold: Fully Financed And Surfacing Value” 

GoldMining Inc. & Uranium Energy Corp.
Recorded Live: “Uranium Market Rebalancing And How UEC And URC Are Well Positioned”
Pre-Recorded: “Gold And Uranium, The Yellow Metals And Royalties Investment Opportunity”

Idaho Champion Gold
“Going For Gold In Idaho”

Integra Resources
“Wrangling Gold And Silver In The Wild West”

New Pacific Metals
“The Largest Silver Discovery In The Last Decade”

Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
“Moss Gold Mine – Low Cost, Open Pit, Heap Leach In NW Arizona”

Pancontinental Resources
“Carolina Gold: Rediscovering The Former Brewer Gold Mine”

Preferred Coin Exchange
“How To Capitalize On China’s Secret Currency”

Revival Gold Inc.
“Pursuing A Revival In Gold”

Rupert Resources
“Targeting Multi-Million Ounce Gold Discoveries In Close Proximity To A 100%-Owned Permitted Mill In Northern Finland”

Sandstorm Gold Royalties
“A Brighter Way To Invest In Gold”

Sierra Metals
“A Growing And Profitable Diversified Producer”

Silver Viper Minerals
“Silver Viper Minerals’ Silver Market Commentary”

Sonoro Gold
“Fast-Track To Gold Production”

Thunderstruck Resources
“Fiji: The Island Of Treasure”

Trilogy Metals Inc.
“High Grade, Safe Jurisdiction, Solid Partners”

Vizsla Resources
“An Introduction To The Panuco-Copala Project”

Wheaton Precious Metals
“Value Through Streaming”

Winshear Gold
“Emerging Gold Discovery At Winshear’s Gaban Project In Puno”

Zhittya Genesis Medicine
“A Biotech Company Developing A Major Breakthrough

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