In Today’s Uncertain World,
There’s Only One Sure Investment

Growing geopolitical worries have joined with massive debts and currency creation to virtually guarantee much higher gold prices.

No wonder investors are flocking to the world’s oldest, most exclusive and most profitable investment event.

Tucker Carlson, Charles Krauthammer, Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Jonah Goldberg, Dennis Gartman, Doug Casey, Simon Black, Rick Rule, Brien Lundin and dozens more!

For well over four decades — through some of the most turbulent and dangerous times in investing — the record shows there is no better place to find profits and safety than the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference.

But this year’s blockbuster event will be one of the most
exciting in the long history of the New Orleans Conference.

Geopolitical worries have risen to the forefront, adding fuel to a new gold bull market that began last year.

But most important for gold are four over-arching factors:

1)  Massive debt loads, not only in the U.S. but every global economy…

2)  Rising inflationary pressures — already exceeding the Fed’s target…

3)  Years of unrestrained currency creation around the world (and a U.S. president determined that no currency will depreciate faster than the dollar)…

4)  Negative real interest rates for years to come (according to the Fed’s own projections).

These four factors are irrefutable and irreversible.

And they virtually guarantee that this bull run in gold will put all others to shame.

Everyone knows that the combination of economic uncertainty,
rising metals prices and the New Orleans Conference
is a recipe for life-changing profits.

That’s why many of the specific mining stock recommendations made at last year’s event multiplied in price within weeks afterward.

And it’s why even richer rewards are expected this year.

To capitalize on this opportunity, this year’s New Orleans Conference is gathering dozens of the world’s top experts in geopolitics, economics and the resource markets, including:

  • Today’s hardest-hitting and most widely watched political analyst, Tucker Carlson
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer
  • The inspirational author of Rich Dad Poor Dad — the No. 1 selling personal finance book of all time — Robert Kiyosaki
  • Wall Street’s most insightful and eloquent market commentator, James Grant
  • Judy Shelton — die-hard gold bug, economic advisor to President Trump and likely his next appointment to the Fed…
  • Popular and prescient investment authority Peter Schiff
  • The ultimate guides to “Plan B” wealth and lifestyle preservation, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggert of PeakProsperity.com…
  • Hedge fund guru and legendary trader Dennis Gartman
  • The forceful — and funny — political commentator Jonah Goldberg
  • The undisputed king of controversy and contrarianism, Doug Casey
  • Master resource investor Rick Rule
  • Peter Boockvar — perhaps the most influential economist in the world today…
  • World traveler and entrepreneur extraordinaire — and the ultimate Sovereign Man — Simon Black
  • Wildly successful newsletter editor Nick Hodge
  • Masters of property and tangible asset investing, The Real Estate Guys

…PLUS the world’s leading authorities on gold, silver, mining stocks and every investment sector, including Adrian Day, Brent Cook, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Byron King, Mark Skousen, Robert Prechter, Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston, Lindsay Hall, Omar Ayales, Peter Ricchiuti, Thom Calandra, Chris Powell, Bill Murphy and more.

It’s all happening at this year’s New Orleans Investment Conference.

For over four decades, the New Orleans Investment Conference has helped investors learn how to protect and build wealth during uncertain markets. And during that time, we’ve repeatedly seen stocks recommended at the Conference double…triple…even multiply 10, 20 and more times in value.

Remarkably, results like these are not at all unusual.

That’s because the New Orleans Conference is the most important investment gathering of the year, and brings together the brightest, most successful analysts and investors.

How special is this event?

  • It’s attracted dozens of the most celebrated figures in modern history, including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Barry Goldwater, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger, Ron Paul and more.
  • It boasts a reputation of inviting only the most successful and deadly-accurate analysts — many of whom save their best recommendations to unveil on our stage.
  • It’s brought together the most sophisticated and successful individual investors — mavericks who don’t follow the herd, but rather search for valuable, unhedged and unbiased information.

This is why previous attendees will attest the New Orleans Conference has never failed to deliver stock picks that have doubled…tripled…even quadrupled in value during the weeks and months following the conference.

But many of our picks do much better.

FACT: A number of stocks recommended at recent Conferences have gone on to multiply over 20 times in value — enough to turn a modest $5,000 investment into a whopping $100,000or $25,000 into half a million dollars.

And whenever the metals and mining shares are in a bull market — as they are now — the New Orleans Conference really shines.

Over our history, we’re known for showing investors how to shield their wealth during turbulent times…and how to build fortunes from the powerful strategies and specific picks our speakers provide in a gold bull market.

In fact…

I’ll Guarantee That
You’ll Quadruple Your Investment

This opportunity is so important…and we’re so confident that the New Orleans Conference will pay for itself many times over…that I’ll offer you this ironclad guarantee:

If you attend New Orleans 2017 and don’t make back at least four times the money you paid to register — in six months or less — just let me know.

I’ll happily give you a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee. Every penny.

You can’t lose!

Correction: You can lose…if you don’t act immediately to secure your place at New Orleans 2017.

Consider this: I’ve offered this quadruple-your-money guarantee for the past five years. And I’ve never had a single attendee ask for their money back!

But here’s the problem: Our registration fee is about to soar, and at some point we’ll likely completely sell out.

So if you hope to get in at the current early-bird rate…and enjoy our quadruple-your-money-or-it’s FREE guarantee…

…You’ll need to call us at 1-800-648-8411 right now or click on this link to learn more and register:

To Register For New Orleans 2017

Given the raging precious metals bull market alongside the faltering U.S. and global economies, New Orleans 2017 could turn out to be the most profitable investment event in decades — perhaps in the entire 43-year history of the Conference.

The strategies and picks our celebrated speakers deliver could yield a fortune for you.

Or nothing if you don’t attend.

And here’s one other word of warning: Last year we sold out of every available hotel room…and there weren’t any others available in the entire city!

If you don’t act now, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to attend — and reap the rewards New Orleans 2017 will give you — at all.

All you have to do is register now, while space is still available. And doing so couldn’t be easier. Just click on the link below…

Limited Space Available:
Call Toll Free 800-648-8411
or visit www.neworleansconference.com
to secure your place now

NOTE: A very special benefit of the New Orleans Conference is our beautiful city itself. So in addition to world-class market intelligence, you’ll enjoy the wonderful, old-world charm of New Orleans, with the food, entertainment and joie de vivre that makes it America’s most interesting city.

And for this year’s conference, we’ll also bring the best of New Orleans to you, with gala celebrations and receptions throughout the event!

FINAL NOTE: Here’s one more, last-minute opportunity: If you can register right now — while this limited offer is in effect — we’ll give you a FREE Gold Club Upgrade for you and your guests.

A $189/person value, your Gold Club status will entitle you to a special private viewing room with day-long coffee service, exclusive Q&A sessions with selected speakers following their presentations…

…special reports and investment information exclusively for you…and deep discounts on conference audio and video recordings and other valuable investment products.

But here’s the catch: Space is limited, and we cannot guarantee availability.

Once again, we sold out of every last hotel room last year…in the entire city! Make sure you don’t get locked out of this year’s extraordinary event.

To claim your Gold Club status, be sure to act immediately and enter the promotional code FREEGOLDCLUB when you register.

Limited Space Available:
Call Toll Free 800-648-8411
or visit www.neworleansconference.com
to secure your place now



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