The First Investment Conference
That Doesn’t Cease Delivering Value To You

For over four decades, one investment conference has stood above all the others.

Now, in this extraordinary year, the New Orleans Conference is being transformed into an investor gathering that doesn’t end…delivering value for you throughout the year.

This will be a virtual event like none other…and an opportunity for you to engage with top experts in a way never before possible.

The year 2020 will be known for many things, foremost of which will be the global pandemic and economic shutdown.

But it will also be known as a year in which equity and metals markets soared in response to unprecedented stimulus efforts by central banks and governments…a year in which investors were as active and eager to discover new opportunities as ever before.

The New Orleans Investment Conference is meeting this need with a revolutionary new membership business model that will deliver immense value for you throughout the year.

You’ll get all the benefits of our legendary four-day investment event…plus much more value all year long.

It’s an unprecedented model in which many of today’s leading experts continually provide their best insights, strategies and picks exclusively to our New Orleans Conference group.

And you’ll be a part of it all.

Webinars on pressing topics, private Zoom calls with leading experts, newsletter editor interviews with the CEOs of companies poised to break out, spirited and enlightening panel discussions — all of these and more will be available to you.

And you’ll never miss a thing: All the content will be archived and available to New Orleans Conference “members” continually, so you can review it at your leisure.

Making History

Credited with making more money for more investors than any other event of its kind, the New Orleans Investment Conference is the oldest and most respected investment event in existence.

For nearly five decades, it has stood as the gathering for the world’s most sophisticated and active investors.

Originally designed to promote the principles of sound money, the Conference has expanded over the years to promote all of the most popular investment opportunities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, tangible assets, clean energy, currencies, healthcare, precious metals, oil and gas, real estate, technology, options, futures and more.

The results have been unparalleled. The record shows that through both good times and bad — and importantly through some of the most turbulent and dangerous periods in investing — there is no better place to find profits and safety than the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference.

And now, despite the global pandemic and even because of it, this legendary event is taking the leap to an entirely new level….

The Conference With Value That Never Ends

Simply put, the ability to combine the reach of the Internet with our network of experts means that the New Orleans Conference doesn’t have to end.

Yes, we can — and will — focus on providing an intense, entertaining and enlightening four-day event that will blow away any similar production.

Just consider the extraordinary faculty we’ve lined up so far, including Tucker Carlson, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Moore, Doug Casey, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Jim Rickards, Rick Rule, Peter Schiff, Grant Williams…

…Peter Boockvar, Tavi Costa, Ross Beaty, The Real Estate Guys (Robert Helms and Russ Gray) and Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart).

And it doesn’t end there! You’ll also hear from:

Mark Skousen, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Gary Alexander, Omar Ayales, Brian Bosse, Thom Calandra, Brent Cook, Adrian Day, Gerardo Del Real, Mickey Fulp, Lindsay Hall, Steve Hochberg, Mike Larson, Albert Lu, Bill Murphy, Ned Naylor-Leyland, Chris Powell, Gwen Preston, Dana Samuelson, Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Lobo Tiggre.

PLUS: Jim Iuorio, Jim Bianco, Jan Nieuwenhuijs, Sean Brodrick, Dave Collum, Dominic Frisby, Lyn Alden and Rich Checkan.

That’s an all-star line-up that transcends anything else you’ll find today. And it will be coming to you from October 14-17, during this year’s exciting virtual version of “the world’s greatest investment event.”

But it won’t stop there. You’re going to get all that value — and much more. Because we’re using our powerful leverage in the investment industry to continue delivering the same kind of investing intelligence to you throughout the year.

That means...

• Follow-up calls with our top speakers after the Conference, to check up on their predictions and new forecasts

• Up-to-the-minute presentations from more top experts in every investment market

• Timely, entertaining panels bringing together a number of leading authorities on vital topics and sectors

• Question-and-answer opportunities so you can get your specific concerns addressed

• Continued access to and engagement with the most exciting small-cap companies

And all of this delivered on a regular basis, all year long. More than the New Orleans Investment Conference, we’re transforming into a kind of “New Orleans Conference Club,” with a membership of ultra-smart and successful investors.

You don’t pay a separate price for each event or presentation. By signing up for the New Orleans Conference, you get it all at no additional cost!

Now consider that the same technical tools, plus the ability to extend the delivery of this investment intelligence over the course of the year, allows us to do even more for you:

• Enjoy private “Zoom calls” with leading authorities...

Rather than big webinars marketed to thousands of investors, often at high prices, you can join in on exclusive and intimate gatherings with some of the top names around.

And these won’t be promoted to tens of thousands of investors, but only mentioned to our group of Conference attendees. There’s no telling how many, or how few, people will be in on each call.

Can you imagine being on a call with one of our big names and only a dozen or so other investors?

Our presenters — including some of the biggest names around — have already told us they’ll be much more comfortable in sharing lots of details and observations that others will never hear!

• Listen in on expert calls with widely-watched junior mining companies...

...And little-known up-and-comers. Brien Lundin and his many friends in the newsletter industry talk with dozens of junior companies each month, searching for great new opportunities for their readers.

These pros can get to the meat of a story — its easiest path to higher prices, how high it could go and how likely it is to do so — very quickly. They’re also not afraid to ask the tough and necessary questions in search of any potential roadblocks or fatal flaws.

Company executives and geologists are very frank with these newsletter writers. They have to be. So the calls with them end up being extremely informative.

So get this: We’re going to ask these pros to simply click “record” during some of these calls and let all of our New Orleans Conference attendees listen in!

In a rollicking gold bull market like this one, you simply can’t place a price tag on the value of listening in on these calls. You’ll be able to avoid a number of deals, but more importantly, you’ll be among the first to discover tomorrow’s hottest opportunities.

• Attend Virtual “Mini-Conferences” On Breaking Trends

Thanks to the network we’ve built over the decades, we’re separated by no more than one degree from any financial or investment expert in the world.

Whether it’s geopolitics, economics, investments or pandemics — we can put the best people together in a flash.

This means that, within days, we’ll be able to gather great speakers to produce timely mini-conferences for you on whatever the latest market-moving developments may be.

And all you’ll have to do is click on a link to join these events!

Don’t Get Up — We’ll Come To You!

Here’s the bottom line: We’re going to use modern technology to bring our legendary value to you this year.

Next year, hopefully we’ll be able to host you down here in New Orleans once again.

But from now on, we’ll continue to offer you this remarkable virtually-delivered value all year long, through this New Orleans Conference Club concept.

You’ll get each of these benefits (and more as we dream them up!), every month, throughout the year...but you’ll only pay one low price, one time.

And all of this, of course, is on top of the big event itself....

New Orleans 2020:
Literally The Best Virtual Event You’ll Ever Attend

Have no fear — while we’ve expanded our model to provide you with insightful investment intelligence all year long, we’ve also been lining up some extraordinary speakers for “the world’s greatest investment event.”

As noted, we’ve gotten commitments from Tucker Carlson, Robert Kiyosaki, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Jim Rickards, Rick Rule, Peter Schiff, Brien Lundin, Doug Casey, Grant Williams, Ross Beaty, Peter Boockvar and many more top names.

In addition to featured presentations, these experts will participate in fascinating and entertaining panel presentations to cover the issues most pressing to investors today.

• Will the economy ever fully recover from the pandemic shutdown, and if so when? Will the massive money printing and stimulus spending reawaken ’70s-level inflation once again? These questions and more will be answered in our lively Economy Panel.

• Where are gold and silver headed…and what will be tomorrow’s biggest winners in junior mining stocks? You’ll get all the inside scoop from the top experts in the game in our Precious Metals Panel and our Mining Stocks Panel.

Plus, because the metals have entered an historic bull market, we’re presenting a special All-Star Gold Panel featuring Ronald Stoeferle, Jan Nieuwenhuijs, Ned Naylor-Leyland and Brien Lundin!

• Perhaps the most pivotal election in recent U.S. history will come just days after this year’s New Orleans Conference. What will be the implications for the markets if either Trump or Biden emerges victorious?

You’ll find out in our Political Panel, featuring Tucker Carlson, Stephen Moore and Doug Casey, as well as our Booms, Busts and Bubbles Panel with Peter Schiff, Grant Williams and Jim Bianco.

• With the Covid pandemic, ongoing political unrest and unprecedented monetary easing, what are the implications for your future health and wealth? We’ll explore them in detail in a blockbuster panel entitled “Pandemics, Politics, Protests and Money Printing: What’s Next?” Panelists include top experts like Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity and popular commentator Dave Collum.

Fascinating panels, compelling individual presentations, Q&A opportunities to get your questions answered...and every bit of it brought directly to you, wherever you may be.

Plus, you’ll enjoy a virtual exhibit hall packed with high-powered opportunities, just as this juggernaut gold bull market is gaining steam.

But don’t wait to register for New Orleans 2020, because the value is about to start flowing...and the cost to participate is amazingly low.

The Best Deal In A Red-Hot Market

Everyone knows that in a gold bull market, the best place to be is the New Orleans Investment Conference.

Now, you don’t have to “be” anywhere, because we’re going to bring this event to you from October 14-17...and for all year long.

So you get not only the immense value of the New Orleans Conference, but you get it many times over.

Now here’s the great news: Registration for this year’s virtual New Orleans Conference is currently just $375.

That’s right. The equivalent of multiple New Orleans Investment Conferences, delivered directly to your computer, for just a few hundred dollars.

Can you imagine your return on that small investment from just one red-hot investment recommendation?

Act Now To Make Sure You’re Included

Given the extraordinary bull market now emerging in metals and mining, New Orleans 2020 could turn out to be the most profitable investment event in decades — perhaps in the entire 46-year history of the Conference.

The strategies and picks our celebrated speakers deliver could yield a fortune for you.

Or nothing if you don’t attend.

But make sure you’re on board, and at this remarkably low price. Just click on the link below to confirm your registration now.

To Register For New Orleans 2020