Marc X. LoPresti

Marc X. LoPresti


Marc is a Wall Street veteran with over 25 years’ experience in alternative

investments and the asset management industry, having started his career on

the floor of the New York Stock Exchange working for Lehman Brothers. In

addition to being founder and chair of LoPresti Law Group, PC (a boutique law

firm focused exclusively on the alternative asset management industry), Marc

is currently:

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, IDI Group (a global multi-family

office focused on early-stage venture investments)

  • Founder & Managing Director, IDI Advisory Group (a boutique

merchant bank)

  • Co-Founder & Board Member, BattleFin Group (a leading alternative

data company)

  • Chairman, Low Emissions Resources Group (a leading developmentstage renewable energy company focused on hydrogen synthesis)
  • Managing Director, The Strategic Funds (an alternative asset management firm focused on niche investment strategies)

Marc has also previously held the following positions:

  • Executive Committee & Co-Founder, Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors, LLC (an SEC-registered investment advisor with $1b+ AUM)
  • Management Committee, Alternative Capital Advisors (an SEC registered multi-manager hedge fund investment advisor)
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, Structured Alternative Solutions, LLC (a unique shared-risk multi-manager hedge fund)
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, Moneta Management (a boutique investment vehicle and merchant bank)

Marc is also a recognized authority on securities laws, alternative investments, family offices and related topics appearing regularly on CNBC and other financial news networks including Bloomberg, Fox and international networks. He is a frequent and sought-after speaker at conferences around the world (speaker CV available on request). He graduated from New York Law School in 1997.